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[Sphereon BV] Niels Klomp
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Hi Mike,
The fact we now decided to bring a council together with a director that will have an interim position next 9-12 months, basically acknowledges we are finally ready for change. Which gets me excited to show we really can turn the ship around.

Hi Niels,

Thank you for this. Whilst it would have been great to get more of this done some time ago, because it is is very overdue, I think that you are correct that the time is right now to actually be able to do something. It has taken a while for us to realize the importance of clear leadership and accountability. That is not a criticism it is a fact, one borne of the challenges of trying to make a decentralized organisation work. I therefore share your excitement that we can start to "turn the ship round". It is a process that still needs to capitalize on the wide array of skills and experience there is in this community. Therefore one of the big challenges will be to work with all the various parties in order to make this happen and capitalise on both strong underpinnings and the great developments and initiatives that are around us. Keeping people informed and aligning these efforts is going to be the secret.
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