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[Sphereon BV] Niels Klomp
Thank you for your application Niels.

[QUOTE="Niels Klomp, post: 31751, member: 8"]
I will seek roughly 7,500 dollars a month, denominated at a fixed FCT price determined upfront and with a discount applied. On top of that a bonus of 25%, with requirements/targets we have to define together. The reason is that I want to align incentives for the protocol and me/Sphereon. Although 7,500 dollars is a lot of money, obviously it doesn't pay my full salary. The money would be mainly used to fill in the gap by a senior developer as well as my salary in Sphereon which would be the result of work for the protocol and less availability in Sphereon. I am willing to take the risk in price to a certain extent of course. Even if the 7,500 dollars is hit in the FCT price I would not be making money compared to today. So I better make sure the price of FCT gets above the 35% discount gap mentioned below.

Correct me if I calculated wrong:

7,500 USD with 35% discount gap means using $0.65/FCT when real FCT price is $1 ($1.3/FCT when real FCT price $2, etc.).
So it equals to approx. 7,500 / 0.65 = ~11,538 USD per month for part time work (you committed 1/2 FTE).
On top of that you seek for 25% bonus, so total amount is $14,422 per month, which is rounded 15K for a non full-time function, which doesn't make sense at this time.

[QUOTE="Niels Klomp, post: 31751, member: 8"]
Making more than 15K dollars for a non full-time function also doesn't make sense at this time (even if the price would allow it).
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