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[Sphereon BV] Niels Klomp
I had convos with some developers in community, we discussed the idea of moving tokens on the protocol level (L1).

L2 solutions is not really popular (even L2 of popular L1’s like Ethereum), and in our case Factom is not popular as L1 itself, so FAT as L2 is not popular at all.

In my opinion tokens balances and transactions should be operated on L1, like in Ethereum. Ethereum has tokens on L1 and it’s pretty straightforward for anyone to create own tokens, which leads new developers into Eth (not only this of course, but it's also important).

I think it’s not too late for Factom to do it. We can use some existing FAT standards and algorithms and implement them on L1, expand Factom libs and factomd APIs.

What do you think about this direction of development for Factom?
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