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[Sphereon BV] Niels Klomp
[QUOTE="Jason Gregoire, post: 31815, member: 32"]
Management exist everywhere, I get that, and good management is better than poor management.
But what about "workers" and getting work done?
In your mind, 1) who is "doing the work" that will bring management's ideas within a road map to life?
2) Who will promote them outside the community? And ...
Thx for the questions Jason. To be honest I am unsure how to answer your questions, or maybe more to the point what the actual questions are you raise. Let me explain why I am unsure. Your questions seem to suggest that management and "workers" are 2 complete separate camps instead of a team. More like the classical manager telling everyone what to do and when to do it otherwise they are getting fired.

I don't believe in that at all. We are dealing with highly educated and smart people. You don't tell engineers and professionals how to actually do their job at every details level. You get into discussion with them to ensure the goals are aligned and readjusted where needed based on feedback. Together forming a better output of the direction. You ensure they are in the know about short, medium and long term goals and you ask them how and what could change if for whatever situation you need to deviate from the path.

Any director that would be in the way of that type of collaboration should be sent home immediately because it means he/she will not serve the majority of stakeholders.

[quote]3) Will we still have a system available where ANO's can bring proposals to get funding for their own ideas of how to create value for the protocol?
Thank you for addressing these questions
Yes there will certainly be room for that. Just for the simple fact you want to cater for good/innovative new ideas as well as new parties. I think it would make sense to include standing parties more in that process. I do believe it would have to become more a milestone based approach, instead of just handing over the money and hoping for the best.

Besides a system where there is room for your own proposals and/or new startups/products I would make room to fund the short, medium and long term goals that the protocol itself defines. That is in marketing, development, governance and setting up long term viability of the protocol itself.
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