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[Sphereon BV] Niels Klomp
Pretty much, except that the council gives the OK for the director budget, and that the director ensures the allocation gets done, with obvious full transparency to the board. In order to ensure a proper sustainable road ahead, it is to be expected that the director would like to create a legal entity in the form of a non-profit for next leadership. Obviously without removing the eventual power from standing parties. It would also make sense to put some roles (which could be part-time) in that entity.

One of the bigger problems is continuity. Especially in bad times. We have seen a big outflux and that is something to prevent. That can be formed in multiple ways, but that also ties into the amount of resources available to the protocol, which in turn is reliant on the tokenomics, which in turn is reliant on the other plans. Just sketching the outlines here.
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