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2021-1 Factom Protocol Director Election
[QUOTE="Nate Miller, post: 31825, member: 413"]
We've got a quorum and a definite majority for Niels, I believe he's already won
That's what I'd expect, sort of. It does imply quite a bit of back channel coordination to say that this election process is just a formality. Or maybe a quorum voted him in, and can see the results. I haven't voted, so I don't know.

I'd hope [USER=8]@Niels Klomp[/USER] would still be obligated to do at least a bit of campaigning to be elected. Particularly interesting to me would be how he intends to handle funds, avoid making Factom an SEC target, how he is going to set protocol priorities, how we are going to avoid possible regulatory issues with the use of funds he will be distributing.

Basically a summery of all the past discussions plus more details about what to expect from him over the short term and long term.
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