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2021-1 Factom Protocol Director Election
[QUOTE="Niels Klomp, post: 31833, member: 8"]
Interesting [USER=29]@PaulSnow[/USER] , you mention vision, developer recruitment/retention, grants etc, whilst I have been saying that these parts need actual structural analysis instead of what we have been doing. "Let's put out a roadmap, Let's do tokenomics". I am saying we need to have a proper starting point and do things in the correct order. Then you explicitly mention these in your arguments.

Also you are rather strong in that it isn't very workable. I am telling you I will make it work. It is just not what you would have hoped for probably. Those are different things.

I have never said "it isn't very workable". I am certainly not "rather strong" in such a position.

I will note that you have already taken a step down the path where you will direct the tokens from the protocol in the direction that your analysis indicates is the best path. That is workable in theory, certainly.

All I am hoping for is a strong protocol that makes a difference in the world. If you feel the protocol might not serve my interests or the interests of Inc's potential partners and customers, that would be very disappointing certainly. But as general as those interests are, I doubt the protocol could be successful AND not serve the interests of data centric applications.
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