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2021-1 Factom Protocol Director Election
[QUOTE="Niels Klomp, post: 31837, member: 8"]
You seem to imply I would be making all kinds of protocol changing decisions by myself that is certainly not the case. It is not even part of the mandate. Btw you literally mentioned the not workable part with regards to my approach ;)

Yeah you are right. In my head I was not thinking the general approach, but about the comments you made in the Q&A about how to approach protocol development. I believe we have real problems with developer retention and recruiting. Do I think you can retain developers (we are really down to @luap with an (0%) efficiency grant and me as an unpaid volunteer (%66 efficiency).

Will we retain developers and attract new developers into Factom by increasing the formal structures and oversight? Those suggestions I don't think are workable.

In general you as a developer can be workable, so I do apologize for my misstatement. Some of your suggestions will need a bit of polish and adjustment I think, but isn't that always so?

What I will be doing however is determining who to include when in discussions in the road towards presenting what needs to happen. Is a rather logical consequence your input will be taken into account on several occasions. Hence why we also have a meeting next week and will have a meeting with Inveniam shortly thereafter with you or Jay present, even before my term would start.

As I said in the grant, I was able to get Inveniam to commit outside their process. I don't know when we can arrange a meeting with you, as I can assure you the next month is very busy for them.

The ANOs will be the ones making the protocol changing decisions, but they will do so based on my advices, which in turn is formed based on a process, which has seen input from all kinds of stakeholders. I am confident together we are able to change the protocol around to be inviting to external developers and new parties, to retain developers an to become interesting for new tokenholders.

We do have to start by looking very critically at ourselves, which isn't always fun of course.

As I said, we will see how it goes. It would seem most ANOs do have a great deal of hope that your advice will be good. I certainly hope it will be as well.
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