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[WiiCollaborate LLC] Troy Wiipongwii (Updated)
This is an update as promised.

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[B]About Me:[/B]

I am Troy Wiipongwii. I have an eclectic academic and professional background. I have a bachelor's in mathematics, a masters in public policy and statistics and currently pursuing my PhD in Data Science and Technology. My expected dissertation defense date will be in August of 2022. My research will cover issues in data ownership, decentralized ownership and its impacts on trends in hospitality and tourism sector. This research is incredibly relevant due to its attempt to apply blockchain to the sector, while dealing with the complexity and heterogeneity of the hospitality and tourism industry. In short the space is a complex ecosystem that requires unique governance and management structures to support an evolving sector that employs 10% of the global economy.

I am currently the Director of the William & Mary Blockchain Lab, where I support and fund 6 research teams across 4 departments, conduct independent research, and support student researchers. In addition to research management, I am responsible for developing external partnerships, and I am responsible for applying for grants.

Academically, I have published 3 academic papers: 1. [URL=''][FONT=arial][SIZE=4]Ten Things You Should Know About Blockchain Today: A Guide for Court Managers[/SIZE][/FONT][/URL][FONT=arial][SIZE=4], 2. [URL='']Blockchain and International Development[/URL], 3. [URL='']Blockchain and COVID-19 in Indian Country[/URL].

I have also worked on two fourth-coming papers, both which relate to Factom governance. The first is on the application of principal agent theory to factom governance, the second is on the role of data analytics to support decision-making in the factom ecosystem. I will share the second paper in a few weeks.

In addition to my academic work, I have worked on both conceptual and technical components of blockchain projects: 1. [/SIZE][/FONT][URL=''][FONT=arial][SIZE=4]The Digital Reserve,[/SIZE][/FONT][/URL][FONT=arial][SIZE=4] 2. [/SIZE][/FONT][URL=''][SIZE=4][FONT=arial]Reforest to reunify.[/FONT][/SIZE][/URL][FONT=arial] In the Digital Reserve, my role was to design a machine learning algorithm for credit scoring microloans in collaboration with several credit unions in Liberia. For Reforest to Reunify, my goal was to design a sustainable reunification project that could help support and improve sentiments between gen x,y and z on reunify the Korea's. The project was designed to be a carbon-trading project that would generate income for those who invest in the planting of trees as well as the north Korean farmers who would maintain the trees and sell products like ginseng on the open market. I have written [/FONT][URL=''][FONT=arial]blogs[/FONT][/URL][FONT=arial] on both the economic and legal consequences of different types of projects aimed at international development.[/FONT]

In my entrepreneurial tenure, my most successful company was [URL='']DebtLESS Community[/URL]. This company was designed to build a symbiotic relationship between local/state governments, local businesses and community members to leverage their collective power to help bolster local business and subsequently collectively pay down debt. My role required me to work closely with each group to look for appropriate incentives for all. I have also served on the board of several non-profit organizations

A more complete bio can be found [URL='']here[/URL] and my Linkedin is [URL='']here[/URL].

[B]Reason for putting in my name[/B]

The common thread between all of my professional and academic work is a strong focus connection between social sciences and technology, the impacts both have on each other, and the understanding of the need for identifying strong stakeholder alignment. I believe that I can help support the efforts of delineating between governance and management and supporting a more sustainable ecosystem that can also be interoperable at the social layer with external stakeholders.

I have not been as active as others like: WB, Mike B, Niels, etc.. I believe there any of these would be great contributions to the community council! I was asked by several members to throw my name in, and would be more than willing to get the ball moving the best of my ability if elected.

I do believe that my election will help to further legitimize a partnership with the W&M Blockchain Lab and provide more opportunities for better leveraging our network to support the direction of the protocol.

If elected, I would like to explore how traditional analytics in marketing, operations, hr and accounting could better support efficiency at the protocol. In particular supporting the efforts to formalize decision support systems that can help:
1. Keep track of internal and external communication will drastically reduce the need manually audit different communication channels to understand thematic and sentiment changes.
2. While not a traditional business, people data that can be collected and tracked across channels can give insights that have proven to be helpful for analyzing performance of existing and potential performance of new talent entering as developers, ANO's an guides
3. Operations research models will help with optimization and decision making under uncertainty and help to establish good policy on when, where and how to spend collective pools of money.


I have stated before the edit that I believe 1000 FCT/MO would be sufficient for the role at current price. The caveat being the time commitment, accountability and exploration of performance based rewards rather than solely static salary. I would be more than willing to negotiate that range within reason or donate FCT back to the protocol in some way if certain monthly expectations were not met.

[B]Conflicts of interest

I am the Director of the W&M Blockchain Lab, however I do not see a conflict of interest in supporting this council position[/B]

I want to thank everyone for their time. I am excited to see the future of this governance and management revolution regardless who wins. There are some great names applying! Good luck everyone.
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