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Nathan Miller - Domain Technologies LLC
Hi Factom Community,

I'm applying through my own LLC to be represented through a corporate entity while separating myself from my role at Consensus Networks.

[B]About Me:[/B]
I've got a bachelor's in Systems Engineering from the United States Naval Academy and went on to qualify as a nuclear engineer in the United States nuclear navy. After my time in the Navy, I received a master's of science from the University of Notre Dame, during which time I helped found Consensus Networks, becoming CEO in 2018. We got involved in Factom shortly after that and have long been believers in the long term value of Factom. My company is continuing to grow and provides infrastructure services to variety of blockchains while also working on the development of our product HealthNet, an integrated data environment for medical supply chains. Because of our involvement with other blockchains as well as current usage of the Factom blockchain in HealthNet for conflict of interest reasons with my customers, I am choosing to apply separately from Consensus Networks.

[B]My Desire to be on the Council:[/B]
About a year ago I became the testnet administrator, a role that was primarily ceremonial. Previous testnet admins were only able to coordinate user onboarding but little else. I consolidated the position, getting the ability to promote servers and run load tests overall improving the efficiency of the position. In the end, I wasn't able to accomplish all I set out to do, specifically advancing more frequent and automated testing, as well as being powerless during a testnet stall. What I did learn, however, was the need for improved governance in the protocol that forces engagement and improvement of processes and doesn't rely on single points of failure (e.g. network stalls). This was definitely a factor behind my change in mindset to support a director over the current "decentralized" approach. My role in Consensus Networks also exposed me to many different network and governance protocols, like Proof of Stake, and, [URL='']as I've said before[/URL], we need to move in a direction that allows and encourages more participation in the protocol from outside individuals and entities. I believe the director should be given a lot of autonomy to drive the roadmap of the protocol to achieve more users and usage and I feel my role is to act in a checks-and-balance role (what can I say, I'm American;)). I believe my role will consist of oversight of the director, ensuring he can do what needs to be done. I think my overall experience makes me suited for a more general role as I have both technology management and blockchain governance experience in a variety of blockchains.

500 FCT/mo. I think it's reasonable. I was trying to figure out how I could ask for long call options instead, but let's just keep it simple.
Conflicts of Interest:[/B]
I am very much interested in the future of Factom - my conflicts of interest I think would only be perceived by my potential customers who could see my company as trying to sell a product they have an external interest in. For that reason I'm applying separately from Consensus Networks.

I am optimistic about the future of Factom, as always, and I think we are turning things in the right direction. Thank you for your consideration in this important matter and I look forward to answering any questions. Happy to go into more detail in any area you'd like to discuss.
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