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[DBGrow Inc] Julian Fletcher-Taylor
Hello Factom community.

This is an application from DBGrow, Inc, represented by me, to the position of the Technology council seat. I request the discretion to transfer my representation from DBGrow to another corporate entity in the near future, which would be disclosed beforehand.

Before moving forward, I want to address the fact that I have disengaged from the protocol to an extent over the past 9 months or so. There were both work reasons, and personal reasons (outside of anything to do with Factom), that lead to this. It has led us to not have nearly as much input recently, and to even miss some important votes in governance. Expect such oversights to be fixed moving forward.


I have a background in technical development, project management, and investment. I have broad experience with legal and financial issues, as well as technologies, in the crypto ecosystem. But most importantly for this application is my experience with Factom:

[B]Background with Factom[/B]

I have a long background with Factom.

[*]I was starting to get involved with Factom pre M3.
[*]DBGrow was elected to the first round of ANOs.
[*]Was a guide for the protocol for a long stretch.
[*]Lead the Legal Research Working Group from the start, which for an intense half a year or so we produced very useful work.
[*]Worked in the Exchange Committee / Working Group from the start, experienced all the ups and downs of working with exchanges.
[*]Have been involved in probably a dozen grants, from legal research grants to technical development grants.
[*]Have written or helped write many, many governance documents.
[*]DBGrow created FAT, which we hope will play a future in the Factom protocol. Combined with Pegnet, we believe that there is potential for some really interesting technologies to be built here.
[*]DBGrow built and runs the factomprotocol website.
[*]Lead private work with the Factom protocol that put the protocol in front of quite large entities up until March of last year when covid struck.
[*]Attended many events, such as Hackathons, and travelled to meet many of the ANOs in the protocol.

In summary, there are new people in this community that have largely taken the rein and run with it, have been much more involved in governance recently. What I can bring is the experience of being involved in the protocol deeply through the ups and downs since the protocol decentralized in M3. I know well how we got to where we are now, what has worked and what hasn’t, and some of the challenges we may experience again if the protocol becomes more successful. I would look forward to continuing to work with the protocol, give my input on its direction, and see where this new way forward with a director takes us.

[B]Council Approach, Philosophy, and Expectations[/B]

I think it's important to understand how a candidate views their potential role and to set expectations so the community can determine whether the candidate’s philosophy and commitment, time and other, are what the community is looking for at the time.

I do not view the council as a unified or governing body. I view these council positions as positions for which the community is electing an entity to help provide feedback to the Director on their work and goals, and to help spur dialogue between the director and the rest of the community. Counselors should of course work closely together and with the rest of the community, but as decision making goes I would act as an independent entity.

I also will not hold FCT or any other value on behalf of the protocol or community, including any key used in a multisignature setup. If this does not work for the community, I accept that. I expect that any funds held for the protocol outside the normal issuance mechanism would be held by another individual entity, such as a governance counselor. I do not view such funds as being “held by the council” in any shared sense. I am happy to discuss with the community, and to give feedback to the director and other entities brought in as counsel, about what expenditures in the protocol that the director wishes to move forward with seem reasonable.

The main goal of this role should be to ideate with the new director and the community, and help bridge the gap between the director and the rest of the community. A counselor should also help be a check to behavior by the director that is clearly outside their mandate.

I expect to spend an average of 10 hours a week in this role.

I ask for 500 FCT remuneration. The remuneration set out here is to cover some basic costs associated with taking this position, company costs and overhead mostly. I don't plan on taking personal income from this position, and time spent in this position is at a steep loss compared to the value of time spent with my other work. If there is a very dramatic rise in the value of FCT, I plan on requesting a lowered remuneration, or spending the extra on something the community wants it to be spent on. This application is about continuing to help with protocol in a way I can, and giving advice to the new director as this protocol sets out in a new direction to give that the best chance for success it can have.

I really love this community and think the Factom protocol is an interesting, more grounded technology than a lot of what's out there right now. I think it has the potential to provide useful technology and benefits to the world, and I want to keep exploring that. I want to be engaged in this role to help the community, other counselors, and Niels in ideation and planning for how we can move the protocol forward. I do not plan on taking a role in “controlling” the direction or resources of the protocol. If I can help in this role with these constraints, I’m excited to do so!

[B]Conflicts of Interest:[/B]

In the past I have been in discussion with Sphereon, of which Niels is a part of, about strategic alignment between our companies for some of the work we were doing abroad. We are not currently working together, but I have a good and established working relationship with Niels and the rest of the management at Sphereon.

DBGrow may in the future take part in grants, which would likely be technical in nature. As this is a technical counsel position, I could suggest roadmap additions that are more likely to steer us toward spending money on things DBGrow may participate in. We do not have any grants planned in the pipeline, and we will have to wait and see what the community apatite and roadmap look like for different technology buildouts. This is not a position I have any interest in using to push through anything in this ecosystem to make DBGrow money.

[B]Final Thoughts[/B]

Being a part of Factom, from the beginning until now, has been a fascinating and rewarding experience, even with the enormous price depreciation of the Factoid. Being able to experience a distributed network that provides the world something akin to a distributed product try to grow and succeed, which would be really a first in our world, is amazing. However the factom protocol proceeds from here, I expect it to continue to be a fascinating and rewarding experience for those involved, and if we get to see Factom built into something that is used more broadly and provides valuable utility to the world, that would be all the more rewarding.
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