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[Open DLT SL] Anton Ilzheev
Hello community,
this is my application for General Seat Council position through my recently founded EU company.

I have been working in business, web and blockchain development within past 15 years.
Past 3 years, starting from February 2018 (6 months before elected as ANO), I have been working full-time on Factom Protocol related things on behalf of De Facto:
[*]Development of various applications and services on top of Factom (Real-time explorer, Factom Open API, Factom DID Golang library, Ethereum gateway, EC stores, Application Hub, Telegram bot, Testnet Monitoring, and others)
[*]Factom-related business development (BaaS platform, PoCs for enterprises, participating in accelerators)
[*]Work in Exchange Committee, experience with exchanges
[*]Work in Website Committee, maintaining and improving forum and documentation portal (together with other website committee members)
[*]Active participation in governance and tokenomics discussions
[B]Council Position Motivation[/B]
I am glad that we decided to move away from decentralized protocol governance and applied director-council strategy.
I think it's the right direction for the protocol, and many of things need our attention right now — we need to show the world, that Factom Protocol is actively developing and not dead. If we want to achieve this, we need to work together, and make good decisions for the protocol.

I am applying for General Council position because I think that I can bring my experience and ideas, that would help the protocol to go in the right direction.
The protocol success is very important for me — not everyone knows, so I think that I need to publicly disclose, that in the end of 2020 I have relocated to Europe and started EU company to build the blockchain related business in Europe. We are in contact with Spanish Ministry of Economy and starting from 2021 we are applying for EU blockchain grants and accelerators programs.

[B]Conflicts of Interests[/B]
The only one conflict of interests is me being a Factom ANO. At the current stage I will keep leading De Facto and our blockchain development business.

I am running for Council position not because of money, but because I extremely want Factom Protocol to be successful. I am going to dedicate ~20 hours per month as a council, and I ask for 500 FCT/mo renumeration.
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