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[Open DLT SL] Anton Ilzheev
Thanks Anton for submitting your candidacy.

You have been a strong believer in the Factom protocol and you have invested a lot of energy within the community on several initiatives.

I would like to get more information on the value you could bring to the protocol through this new council position.

1. Based on your profile which is quite technical, I was expecting to see you submitting your candidacy for the technical seat. Could you expand further why you think you better suit in the general seat?
2. Part of the responsability of the council is the "mission statement". Coul you tell us what is your view on the mission statement of Factom? What is your vision?
3. Do you foresee any important differences between your vision and the one of the current Factom Director ? If yes, what compromises would you be ready to consider ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

PS: and welcome to Europe! :)
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