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Nathan Miller - Domain Technologies LLC
Thanks Matthias!

1. Although I have done different technical things in my time, I wouldn't consider myself a technical expert in software/blockchain development (CTO type stuff). I'm comfortable with the tech but didn't think of myself as the face of the technical side of the council. I also enjoy the governance side of blockchain and as such felt that general was best suited for me. Happy to reconsider if others feel I have the technical chops!

2. My vision for Factom is a scalable digital information layer operating as a second layer to Bitcoin. Factom provides the ability to do two very valuable things imo: 1. Scalable immutability of data, which has many applications in regulated fields such as the government and healthcare. 2. Digital Asset creation. NFTs are becoming a big deal suddenly but Factom has been talking about this for quite awhile. Whether it's identity documents or licenses (or art), Factom can be the layer that creates, stores, and shares these things. I think with Niel's leadership we are well positioned to take advantage of these two areas.

3. There are two things I think Factom needs to do ASAP. The first is a hardcap on the currency, the second is introduce a form of staking/open investment to allow new people to join the protocol and earn Factom vice waiting for number go up. I'm not 100% sure how Niels will prioritize this or that his overall opinion matches mine on this. I'm also not sure the community supports my desires completely either. So, in this case, I would defer to Niels to understand the needs of the community, build support, and implement what is best for Factom. If he can get broad support for alternate ideas than what I just laid out, I'd defer to him on that.
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