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[Open DLT SL] Anton Ilzheev
[USER=227]@Matthias Fortin[/USER] firstly, thank you for kind words!

[QUOTE="Matthias Fortin, post: 31886, member: 227"]
1. Based on your profile which is quite technical, I was expecting to see you submitting your candidacy for the technical seat. Could you expand further why you think you better suit in the general seat?
You're right that my profile is quite technical. It's great to have technical background and understanding of how things and processes work, but I would also like to develop my skills in the business management field. The protocol is certainly not a business, but there are some similarities to a business in the way we plan, develop and market the protocol.

There are a lot of very smart people in the community with deep knowledge in the technology, and I am glad to work together with them in order to make our technology better, but primarily I see myself as a general seat candidate, that helps moving protocol into right directions without deep digging into core development.

[QUOTE="Matthias Fortin, post: 31886, member: 227"]
2. Part of the responsability of the council is the "mission statement". Coul you tell us what is your view on the mission statement of Factom? What is your vision?
I have multiple ideas and see multiple directions of how we can improve Factom Protocol, and I could talk a lot of about all of them, but I would highlight main three of them:

1) Attract 2nd level applications and teams behind them, lower entry barrier for new developers.
Protocol success = dApps success × number of dApps.

2) Interoperability with other blockchains in different ways:
[*]Wrapped FCT token, opening us a way to the DeFi, which is mostly on the Ethereum
[*]Data bridges and connectors (allow dApps on other blockchains to use Factom, allow exchanges to easily connect native FCT)
[*]W3C standards compatibility for our technologies (e.g. allow people to migrate existing Ethereum DIDs into Factom DIDs with ease)
3) Improve our token and community health — add more incentives to hold the token, grow the community.

[QUOTE="Matthias Fortin, post: 31886, member: 227"]
3. Do you foresee any important differences between your vision and the one of the current Factom Director ? If yes, what compromises would you be ready to consider ?
I don't foresee important differences between my and Niels's vision. We had some disagreements and heated discussions in the past, but I don't think that it's the case now. I feel we are mostly on the same page and can successfully work together to make the protocol better.
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