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Nathan Miller - Domain Technologies LLC
Thanks for the question Niels. I can think of a few examples:

1. During my time in the Navy I was the quality assurance officer (QA) for my submarine. This meant I was responsible for the oversight and training of personnel performing maintenance on subsafe (any material that could, if failed, let water into the submarine) and nuclear material. This may seem a little out of the realm of blockchain but I think a few elements translate well. First, I was often the person holding the submarine from going underway as I had final signoff that the submarine was seaworthy. This meant I was in the crosshairs of both the need to ensure maintenance was performed correctly (safety of ship and personnel) and the pressure from the squadron and captain to get out to sea. Although slightly less dramatic in this case, I see myself as once again in the middle where I must make sure the needs of the Factom protocol and community are met while ensuring the director has the flexibility to do what they need to do. Second, I had oversight of a large and important program, setting standards, managing training, and reviewing all maintenance; ensuring people are prepared and capable of doing their jobs.

2. In my role as CEO of Consensus Networks, I've been the Primary Investigator on several federal grants. In the role I'm responsible for the management of funds and research. I don't get to do whatever I want with the money and have to fulfill required accounting standards and answer to the federal government including any required audits. So, I've had experience managing funds with requirements attached to them, ensuring they are distributed correctly and in compliance with standards. I would take that same seriousness to this role where I would make sure processes are transparent to the community and that I am providing adequate oversight.
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