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[QUOTE="Niels Klomp, post: 31895, member: 8"]
This is a question I will ask everyone:

Given the council is primarily responsible for the mission statement and oversight and thus operates more at a tactical level can you give me some examples or experience you have in this area or something that as closely resembles this role?

Basically why are you the right person for this job?

Thanks Niels. I would be happy to answer this question. The first thing I would like to say is, I think this role is both strategic and tactical. Being responsible for the mission statement and vision is definitely a large part of strategic planning. The specific steps it takes to achieve that is the tactical part. I have been involved in both processes in my most previous role of the Lab, and have filled this role at several organizations previously. I will use the Lab as an example for brevity.

[B]Strategic Planning[/B]

Prior to the creation of the Lab, I established a proposal on the potential direction of the Lab. This included identifying:
[*]The relevant stakeholders.
[*]Why? You need buy-in from the executive committee to implement new projects.
[*]Establishing the mission and vision.
[*]How? This required an in-depth understanding of the current blockchain research lab market, and an understanding of the intellectual resources available at W&M.
[*]Knowing the W&M is a strong liberal arts university with its own mission to increase multi-disciplinary research, I focused my attention on ensuring that the Lab will help maintain that standard as well as promote that agenda.
[*]This meant identifying specific areas of the blockchain space that W&M could excel in. Supply chain, governance, regulatory, and social impact research were all areas that W&M had existing expertise and could merge with the emerging blockchain realm. While W&M has a strong CS and Math program, it does not have many cryptographic researchers, so focusing attention on super technical components would have served little benefit at the time.

Summary: During this process I discovered who was needed, what the mission was, and what the objective and goals were. In March. 2020, I was given the opportunity to explore exactly what this would like to achieve the goal.

[B]Tactical Planning[/B]

During the tactical planning stage, identifying the resources, timeline, and actions were addressed. Working with the Entrepreneurship Center and the Global Research Institute, we employed the Objective and Key Result (OKR) framework. This helped to identify grand objectives and very specific metrics to measure our success. With each objective there are measurable tasks that can be quantified, creating bite sized successes and moving the meter on the key results.

For the Lab we continue to operate on 6 month sprints and choose several objectives which we believe can be supported during that time period. We also have a task list that would support each OKR. Refer to PDF for a snapshot from the Lab and a task list. The task list is related to the OKR by assuming that there is a causal relationship between our actions taken achieving the objectives. In the example provided in the PDF, we believed that establishing an advisory board would help with increasing Lab exposure and helping to raise funds, two objectives of the Lab. The hypothesis held.

Additionally, most research in the business management realm deals with the appropriate identification of a business problem. This problem is usually the consequence of an existing gap between the mission statement and business outcomes. Our goal in this research is about how a new intervention, whether it be governance or a new technology, will realign the mission, vision, objectives and outcomes. While this all sounds self-evident, what we are honestly after in research and for the protocol is an algorithmic way of achieving direction or realignment.

To answer the last question about whether I am the right person for the job. I certainly believe that I have all of the professional tools, but I think that WB has better captured the heart of this community and also has the professional chops. For that reason, I am certain that the community will not see me as the right person for this particular job, but I will support this new governance body in whichever way you all find appropriate.

Thank you for your time and consideration!
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