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[DBGrow Inc] Julian Fletcher-Taylor
Thanks Niels. A more tactical/oversight role actually suits me better in this position. I wouldnt be the best fit for a heavy technical role, most of my technical expertise is not blockchain development. Luckily, I've heard the new director is pretty technical heavy ;) .

I have pretty extensive experience in such an oversight/tactical role. Directly in the Factom ecosystem that includes things like managing the legal and exchange working groups, managing the large legal grant a while back, helping manage FAT development, and managing governance functions as a guide, etc.

Outside of the factom community I have managed projects stretching across the world, often times with a lot of competing interests to balance. I enjoy working on strategies, and empathizing with different sides to help make things in balance.

To me that fits well with how I view and would approach this role. Help brainstorm ideas, watch stuff the director is doing and make sure it makes sense to me, and talking things through with different parties with potentially conflicting interests to try to help bridge those gaps between interests.
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