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ANO Application
Hi Matt and welcome,

I think it is great that your focus is on usage. I wish you all the best with aggressively driving usage, it is exactly what we need.

Just a quick question from me. There are a few inconsistencies in your application above, such as "

[B]"How will the team administer the Authority Nodes?" [/B]
to which you have answered - No.

[B]"Are you running servers on Testnet?"
[/B]to which you have answered - No

[B]"If you are running servers on Testnet, approximately when did this start?"
[/B]to which you have answered - 2021-03-31

[B]"How many servers do you plan to run on Testnet?"
[/B]to which you have answered - 0

Finally you state that you are setting up as a LLC and that this is in progress- is it still in progress?
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