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Do we agree in general with the analysis as created by the director?
This week I hosted a zoom meeting to present both the analysis and the technical direction from a functional aspect, to not make it too technical.

This major timed discussion is to ascertain whether the ANOs believe that the analysis in principle is something to can support. Obviously a document like that might have some parts that might not appeal to everyone, and it might have omitted a detail that somebody would like to see in there.

This discussion is not about the proposed technical direction and also not about the actual crafted mission/vision in there. These will be seperate timed discussions.

Obviously there is time for discussion as this is a major timed thread.


The presentation video: [URL='']Zoom recording[/URL]

This presentation document: [URL='']Powerpoint[/URL] [URL='']PDF[/URL]

[B]Analysis[/B]: [URL='']Powerpoint[/URL] [URL='']PDF[/URL]
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