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Do we agree with the proposed mission and vission?
This week I hosted a zoom meeting to present both the analysis and the technical direction from a functional aspect, to not make it too technical.
The analysis document also contained the mission and vision as a result of the analysis.

This major timed discussion is to ascertain whether the ANOs believe that this should become the mission and vision for the "Factom" v2 protocol moving forward. The word "Factom" is between quotes because of the potential rebranding I believe to be necessary.

The easiest to use, stable priced, blockchain for data integration and collaboration in the world

“Factom” provides hybrid virtual blockchain technology that allows developers to use permissioned, strongly typed data and schema’s using tools they know, without having to learn blockchain perse. Allowing for a low-cost and easy data exchange and proofs between parties without having to worry about centralization, censorship or data loss, removing the need to reinvent the integration wheel


The presentation video: [URL='']Zoom recording[/URL]

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[B]Analysis[/B]: [URL='']Powerpoint[/URL] [URL='']PDF[/URL]
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