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Do we agree with the proposed mission and vission?
The mission and vision are quite developer focussed. While that may indeed be the technical direction, we also need a mission and vision from an application standpoint.

This answers “how do we do it”, before “what do we want to achieve”.

I.e Will this technical direction prohibit certain use cases?

Do we really want to put all our hopes and resources into a niche market for anchoring/securing data?

Given the chance at a restart, shouldn’t we build an ecosystem that every person and every company will find value in? Something people are excited to both use and invest in?

E.g We are ideally placed to become an L2 for ETH/BTC, an efficient DeFi platform, or an NFT mint/marketplace.

These are markets we can quickly gain funding, developers, community and traction for well before a finished product.

Again, maybe the first step is indeed the shared technical direction. I’m interested to hear what applications will and will not be possible with 2.0.
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