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Do we agree with the proposed mission and vission?
Sorry missed this during my travels.

The primary objective is focussed at providing the simplest integration and components (tokens, identities, permissions, typed data) into the blockchain world for non-blockchain developers and by extension also for blockchain developers.

We are at a unique position because of our data-layer to create something like this.

I understand that Colin wants to go down the DeFi path, as he has been doing that for some time now. That is totally fine, as I would hope fur stuff like that to happen. That is the longer term outlook for the protocol and something I am discussing with parties, as they typically have a need they want to see the platform fulfil. That is exactly why having strong typed data together with standard resolution is very helpful to create your application. Having identities, with multiple cipher suites, groups, and ACLs together with tokens that can have their own rules, a platform that can easily be used for oracle data, rewards, lending, marketplaces on top would be an ideal platform to build your DeFi project on.

If we however want to only transform Factom into a DeFi or NFT project, simply because we feel 'that sells', well guess then you would setup a new project to do exactly that. Either from scratch or you would build on top or rather alongside V2. So I guess Colin you can relatively easy do what you feel we should be doing with Factom V2, but then in a place where you are sure your DeFi solution could be used in other solutions built on top.

Factom has its roots in data, the analysis shows that we should protect and expand that part as it sets us apart, with the proposed changes we can bring a toolbox to build platforms, marketplaces and solutions on top of it, creating a suite of connected apps, with strong typed data and interoperability at its core, on which parties can build/sell services and make money from its usage.

Colin and for instance Anton want to work on DeFi. I am in contact with parties that want to do NFTs. Kompendium is doing NFTs and bridges. Guess what all these parties would benefit from?
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