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Share FCT inflation with token holders via WFCT staking
Hello everyone!
As many of you know, Exchange Committee is working on FCT staking application.

[U]This major discussion is to determine how much FCT will be allocated as staking rewards.
[B]Please read carefully[/B][/U]

We developed a prototype of staking pools using Ethereum smart contracts and Web3 dApp and successfully run it on the Ropsten testnet.
It was decided to use ERC-20 WFCT token for staking because off Ethereum huge ecosystem and easier implementation, rather than native FCT staking.

[B]Goals of WFCT Staking[/B]
[*]Bring WFCT into DeFi space
[*]Make the ground for future collaborations with existing DeFi protocols (e.g. WFCT lending, yield farming in other protocols, etc.)
[*]Increase Uniswap pool liquidity (by incentivizing liquidity providers with WFCT rewards / yield farming)
[*]Bring staking to FCT (stake WFCT – earn more WFCT)
[*]Share FCT inflation with FCT holders (WFCT rewards for pools will be allocated from inflation / grant pool on rolling basis)
[*]Bring new investors / DeFi farmers to the protocol
[B]Staking Pools Functionality[/B]
Staking pools are deployed as Ethereum smart contracts that allow users to deposit their [B]WFCT[/B] and [B]UNI-V2 WFCT-USDC LP[/B] tokens into smart contracts and withdraw their initial stake + accumulated rewards.

[ATTACH type="full" width="300px" alt="1633937688670.png"]2884[/ATTACH]

There will be 2 staking pools initially:
1. Stake [B]WFCT[/B] and earn more [B]WFCT[/B] (staking)
2. Stake [B]Uniswap liquidity position token[/B] (UNIV2WFCTUSDC) and earn [B]WFCT[/B] (liquidity mining)

Staking of Uniswap LP token will incentivize people to join WFCT-USDC liquidity pool as liquidity providers, thereby the liquidity of our pool will be increased, that leads to less slippage and better trading experience.

[B]Staking Rewards[/B]
Staking rewards will be allocated from the grant pool by Exchange Committee every quarter and funded into staking smart contracts as staking rewards.
We need to decide how much FCT will be shared as staking rewards across all stakers within a time interval (e.g. 3 months).

73K FCT are created every month.
According to Paul's [URL='']dashboard[/URL], 1530 FCT go into grant pool daily (45K FCT monthly).

Exchange Committee's proposal is to allocate 20K FCT monthly (27% of inflation) as staking rewards.
Each of two pools will have 10K FCT staking rewards monthly, that will be shared across all stakers of this pools.

Here are some calculations:

FCT $1.50
250K FCT staked
500K WFCT-USDC LP staked

[ATTACH type="full" alt="1633939054249.png"]2885[/ATTACH]

FCT $4.00
800K FCT staked
1.5M WFCT-USDC LP staked

[ATTACH type="full" alt="1633939277698.png"]2887[/ATTACH]

[B]Action required[/B]
Exchange Committee will be applying for community grants to allocate staking rewards from the grant pool.
We aim to launch the first staking pools on Dec, 1 and then fund staking smart contracts on rolling basis every 3 months.

Exchange Committee suggests to start with 10K FCT per pool per month — that's 27% of FCT monthly inflation.
What do you think about this amount?
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