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Share FCT inflation with token holders via WFCT staking
[QUOTE="Mike Buckingham, post: 32207, member: 164"]
What do you think the opportunity cost of committing 27% of FCT monthly inflation would be? In other words what might we forego if we were to do this?
Currently funds are being accumulated into the grant pool and mostly are not used.
In recent grant round ([URL='']2021-2[/URL]) there were no single grant proposal.

[QUOTE="Mike Buckingham, post: 32207, member: 164"]
How practical is it to vary the size of the pool? Could we increase in some months and reduce in others dependent on our needs?
Yes, we can change staking rewards allocation every 3 months — increase or reduce.
Initial proposal of 10K FCT per pool per month should be sufficient to attract crypto community and DeFi users by providing high APY and at the same time it's not too big to affect other parts of the protocol (development, infrastructure, etc.).

In other words — it's a good base for the first 3 months of staking, then we can adjust it higher or lower if we see more or less participation than we expect.
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