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Factom to upgrade and change into Accumulate Network
I am all for transparency, but to me the gatekeeping you mention is more applicable to the size of the Factom community and the way we organized ANOs with overlap of development. The processes, working groups and committees were pretty open and just as with the guides there really was not a lot of (if any) gatekeeping happening at these levels.

The problem was that we basically had a really small group of ANOs of which some also provided development resources decide amongst themselves what to fund. This meant you become less open to external parties over time as they take away funds from the established parties. There was no clear distinction in buckets/categories for funds, which means you get friction between developers, marketing and for instance exchange listings. Then there really was no performance system and/or competition.

Hence why I already started working on a new grant system. The priority however shifted into getting a path forward to begin with, and until we reach that point it doesn't make an awful lot of sense to pursue putting energy and distribute funds as a result.

Hopefully after the vote we have a direction, which means a lot of people can contribute, and I am happy to Kickstart the proposal for a new grant system, which would include buckets/categories. Small payments upfront for instance for development, but majority based on set milestones. Vetted and tracked by working groups, with proper expertise in their respective areas.
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