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Veteran Blockchain Investment Firm
[USER=35]@ilzheev[/USER] ,

Veteran will set grant pool efficiency on both nodes to 50% upon acceptance into the authority set. Our average grant pool contribution will be 50%, not 25%. Upon finalization of the WVU Foundation endowment, grant pool efficiency will be re-evaluated to determine best course of action to fund the endowment through Veteran’s second node earnings. In the unlikely case the WVU Foundation endowment falls through, our average efficiency will remain 50% to the grant pool until we can establish an endowment with another university. Veteran believes the contributions we make to the endowment will be significant enough to provide a huge return to the protocol, ANOs, FCT holders, and the DLT community at large. When successful, the media release alone will provide huge visibility and awareness to the Factom protocol and community. Our goal since day one has been to find ways to provide both awareness AND usage to the Factom protocol. This is one of our commitments to the protocol and actions we intend to take to accomplish just that.
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