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Veteran Blockchain Investment Firm
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[I]1. Has your team met with anyone from WVU to discuss this proposal and was WVU interested? [/I]

Yes, we have discussed with the WVU Foundation the process for establishing an endowment and discussed the intention to utilize a cryptocurrency for this. They were interested.

[I]2. How do you plan on structuring the donation to require the fund to be used for the benefit of Factom? [/I]

We will enter into an agreement with WVU on behalf of the Factom protocol to establish curriculum that accelerates research, development, and education in ways that advance blockchain transaction speed, efficiency, security, awareness, and expand its uses.

Pending legal review and acceptance by all parties, we intend to structure the endowment in the following ways:

[*]$100,000 to establish the Factom Forward Initiative, providing scholarships to undergraduate and graduate research fellowships.
[*]$100,000 to establish a WVU Blockchain Research Laboratory, so the university can conduct research on blockchain-backed technology.
[*]$250,000 for Blockchain course development, creating undergraduate and graduate curriculum focused on blockchain technology and establishing a Factom-certified developer program. (essentially we want graduates of WVU to be the next Brian Deery’s, Paul Snow’s, and Steven Masley’s to the Factom protocol so they can enjoy their weekends more…)
[*]$50,000 to establish an annual government-focused hackathon, utilizing blockchain and Factom technology to provide blockchain-backed solutions to real-world government requirements. WVU’s proximity to the National Capital Region, provides an opportunity for government entities to participate in the reviewing and judging process, furthuring the awareness of Factom and blockchain-backed solutions.

Keep in mind, this endowment is a Factom sponsored endowment. All Factom stakeholders will benefit immensely from the awareness and proposed long-term results of this endowment.

[I]3. And is your vision that the endowment's work would be done by the university (students) or external parties, and what would be the goal of the endowment?[/I]

We intend for the university students to play a major role in the research and development of Factom and blockchain backed projects. Our intention here is long-term development and sustainment of the Factom protocol. Veteran will be responsible for establishing the largest blockchain-funded endowment that will produce blockchain (and specifically Factom) certified developers that will enter into the workforce upon graduation armed with the knowledge to advance and develop the protocol further. All ANOs, employers, and community members will benefit from the establishment of this endowment.

[I]4. US Federate and State government networks present many challenges for software companies and the variety of networks often require substantial support contracts - has your team discussed your proposal with any government agencies that have authorities of what enterprise software solution contracts they consider?[/I]

Nolan is a DAWIA Level 1 certified Program Manager as well as a trained USG Contract Officer Representative. He understands both the government side and industry side to the contract process. We cannot go into details about any potential contracts, however, we have had meetings with government agencies to identify their requirements and how we can provide solutions. The Factom GovCloud will be available for other ANOs to utilize to provide their own solutions to USG agencies and institutions concerned with the security of their data.
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