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Veteran Blockchain Investment Firm

[I]1) How many person-hours per week do you expect your team to devote to this ecosystem?[/I]

This question is difficult to answer. A tremendous amount of time, effort and capital has already been expended to get to this point. We want to ensure this time is not dismissed. We have been operating at a loss for the last six months traveling to meet with Factom Inc, agencies within the National Capital Region, teleconferences with other ANOs, and maintaining multiple nodes on the Testnet. We have done this out of our passion and conviction for the protocol as well as a show of faith in doing our part in furthering the protocol.

Our executive team has solely focused on this project for the last six months and we estimate each individual has given at minimum 20 hours of their time weekly to reach this milestone. Going forward, we estimate the exact number of hours per person per week will be dependent on the FCT market price, implementation of our proposal as well as travel requirements with USG agency representatives. It could be as few as 25 hours to in excess of 50 hours. It largely depends on what phase of implementing our business plan that we are in and the amount of continued research will be involved.

[I]2) How will these hours be distributed among your members?[/I]

Each member has specialties and strengths that are utilized in the advancement of the Factom protocol. The answer will vary depending upon which specific part of our business plan we are implementing at the time. Our executive team all have different operational responsibilities and at different times, will be required to manage those with increased workloads. We have already anticipated these requirements and have put measures into place in order to strengthen our position going forward.
Everyone at Veteran are in a very unique position within our existing professions that we do not have to take a salary. In addition, we also have the flexibility to go to a limited hour requirement and can dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to developing and advancing the protocol. In short; we have both the flexibility and operational structure to effectively further the protocol.

[I]3) How will this be distributed among your ANO activities (open source project dev, proprietary project dev, protocol level technical involvement, governance involvement, marketing/promotion … )?[/I]

We intend to spend a majority of our time and effort on being the business development ANO, with a focus on educating the USG on the value Factom brings to the table. We have a handful of projects we intend to bring to full-force upon selection as an ANO. Nolan will maintain his involvement with the various factom community involvement (Guide/ANO meetings, discord, testnet, etc..).

[I]4) Can you give a list of demonstrable metrics that the community could use say 6 months or a year from now if you are selected in this application to evaluate your ANO?[/I]

Veteran is committed to the long-term advancement of the protocol. Our proposals will take time to get established but bring with it exponential potential.

In the next six months, Veteran intends to have finalized the framework on the WVU endowment, which will conclude in creating the nation’s largest blockchain endowment foundation. In turn; the Factom protocol as well as the price of FCT will garner massive visibility as well as create a national platform to catalyze awareness within all spheres of the blockchain community at large.

Within the next year, Veteran intends to have multiple SBIR/STTR/DIUx grant proposals submitted and awards announced. A scaled-down Factom GovCloud will be available so we can solicit and demonstrate ways Factom can provide solutions to the USG’s requirements. Pending market performance or grant proposal results, we will be working to employ the full-scale Factom GovCloud.
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