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Veteran Blockchain Investment Firm

[I]1) What do you see as the major, specific pain-points that Factom could solve for the government entities you mention?[/I]

Thank you for the question and interest. Factom provides a medium through which the USG can save millions through auditing and verification, chain of custody, GAO compliance, etc. There are many major solutions we can see Factom providing to the USG. One is the ability to audit within the acquisitions field. Nolan managed a multi-million dollar portfolio of which the total amount in control under the directorate exceeded $2B. The directorate managed one, two, and three year appropriations. Tracking the funding from appropriation through obligation to closeout was accomplished using rudimentary means. Factom can provide the ability to track how a dollar moves through the budget cycle while limiting the exact nature of the expense. Tracking can be accomplished to determine the obligation rates. This specific use case can be applied to multiple USG agencies budgetary and tracking processes.

Another major project we are working on is the chain of evidence within the DOJ. The Veteran executive team are intimately aware of the requirements involved with regard to chain of evidence and prosecuting individuals. We see an opportunity in Factom providing the foundation to be able to track evidence from collection through storage and eventual disposal. The chain of custody is paramount to proving any wrongdoing on the part of the accused. Anytime this is lost, many of the hours and energy expended to collect that evidence is lost. Factom can save the government hundreds of millions of dollars in the management of evidence and chain of custody.

We also intend to showcase the Factom protocol as a measure to provide Drug Supply Chain Security Act compliance. Factom can be utilized to track the pharmacological production and disposition cycle. We have some ideas on how this can also be utilized to provide a solution to the opioid crisis, of which West Virginia has been one of the most critically impacted states.

There are a number of National Guard specific requirements that are funded through the National Guard and Reserve Equipment Account. We have solutions to ideas ranging from total asset visibility, Fatality Search and Recovery Team remains tracking, Incident and Awareness Assessment collection management, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and High-Yield Explosive detection, and patient tracking and treatment systems, to name a few. We know who to talk to regarding these solutions and have the means to get face-to-face meetings with the action officers and division chiefs who manage these portfolios. All of our proposed solutions utilize the Factom protocol as a backbone through which the various systems can all write to and be validated against.

Some of the links to previous and existing requirements can be found here:


The requirements in these books represent the critical needs of the National Guard Bureau’s domestic response capabilities. As an organization that understands the workings of NGB, we are confident our solutions will not only exceed the expectations, but also provide validation that blockchain technology, and more specifically, Factom, can be trusted and incorporated into future contract awards.

[I]2) If you were going to pitch use of the protocol to one or more government officials, who would they be (ideally), and what is the gist of what you would say?[/I]

One of the interesting items to note is that there little to no “pitching” required. We are very well versed with the needs and requirements of the various agencies that we will be serving through over ten years of direct contact and face-to-face meetings with agency executive teams. There are common themes among multiple agencies that they have yet to effectively manage and the Factom protocol can provide the solution. We will be the vehicle in which these USG agencies will be educated and indoctrinated into using the protocol for the monetary and operational benefit of their own agency. We have developed specific use cases for each agency that were developed by conversations we have had in the past with their representatives. We already know that we are providing a solution to their stated problem. As with anything with the USG, time and repetitions with key points of contact are paramount.

Specific to who would the representatives of the agencies be, as in times past, we were able to make significant progress with a directorate or division level leadership and IT officer.
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