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Factom Bridge
[QUOTE="Julianft, post: 3227, member: 56"]Thank you for applying. A few questions I am asking all applicants,
[*]How many person-hours per week do you expect your team to devote to this ecosystem?
[*]How will these hours be distributed among your members?
[*]How will this be distributed among your ANO activities (open source project dev, proprietary project dev, protocol level technical involvement, governance involvement, marketing/promotion … )?
[*]Can you give a list of demonstrable metrics that the community could use say 6 months or a year from now if you are selected in this application to evaluate your ANO?
Hello Julian,

1. We are currently looking at between 30 and 40 hours a week between the three of us. That may be lower than some other candidates, but you will notice in question #3 that most of those hours are going to be directed towards open source development and governance. Those hours will be higher as server code updates require.
2. As of today, our hour's distribution is in the neighborhood of 60% matt, 25% Harlan and 15% Ethan. These are loose numbers and they are expected to change as we get involved with specific open source tasks.
3. Our purpose for applying to be an ANO is primarily to fund expenses we will run into while developing open source tools for Factom Blockchain access. That being the case, a majority of our time will be devoted to open source project development. Active participation in the discord community as it relates to governance in the guide and ANO communities will dovetail with this development as it will at least partially effect what projects we are working on. Marketing may receive some collateral time, but we do not currently have plans to run an organized marketing project. Core protocol development is not impossible, but we aren't currently budgeting time for it. Proprietary code development is not impossible, but we aren't currently budgeting time for it and do not, as of today, have plans in that direction. The above time/effort estimates are ignoring the support of our Authority servers and infrastructure. As we all know, that can vary greatly.
4. Due to the nature of our application, demonstration of our contributions to the environment should be geared towards the release of open source projects, participation in the community discord and server uptime in relation to all of the other ANOs. Since metrics are typically numbers, I would go with projects released, support tasks and possibly lines of code. (Lines of code seems to be a popular measure for non programmers). Server uptime is an easy number to calculate. In the community, the number of active participants that are familiar with us and have interacted with us. As a softer measure, if we are well known in the community and responsive to open source project requests, we should be counted as successful.
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