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Factom Bridge
[QUOTE="madisonhope, post: 3358, member: 132"]Hi [USER=17]@factom_matt[/USER]! Could you share a little bit about how your team plans to handle conflicts of interest between Factom Inc and Factom Bridge given your current employment with Factom Inc? Are you planning to work at/on Factom Bridge full-time if awarded an ANO?

- Madison[/QUOTE]
Hello Madison,
Thank you for this question. It is an issue, but I do not consider it a problem. I touched on the solution in my reply to MattO above. If someone else is working on a project, I will consider that covered and not work on it. This is a team effort. In Factom's case specifically, if I am asked not to work on something because Factom, Inc is working it, I will consider it covered and not work on it. Even if I have my Factom Employee hat on and I am doing the work myself. You can do a million things with the Factom Protocol. Staying out of areas that Factom, Inc is working will not be difficult. Working on open source projects as an ANO does not require me to make everything I write public. What I have said is that we will be open about the open source projects we are working on in the community.

I am not planning on leaving Factom, Inc. if we are awarded ANO status.
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