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Veteran Blockchain Investment Firm
[USER=48]@nolan_vbif[/USER] Ok I get the donation discussion and the 25% versus 50%, but the statement below clearly states the intent:
[quote]Thank you for the questions and requests to clarify our position. When we refer to earnings, we mean the FCT that the authority server would earn (~1123 FCT per node per month). For our proposed second node, we are donating half of the earnings, ~561 FCT to the WVU Foundation per month. Our objective will be to donate $500,000 to create the largest blockchain endowment fund in the country. To summarize, for our second node, Veteran will collect ~561 FCT and the WVU Foundation will collect ~561 FCT per month. Our intention will be to program the ~561 FCT per month to go directly to WVU Foundation’s address. For our first node, we will be providing 50% of the ~1123 FCT earned to the grant pool and 50% will be collected by Veteran. Until the Factom/WVU Foundation details are finalized and in place, 50% of the earnings from the second node (~561 FCT) will be contributed to the grant pool as normal. [/quote]
Now you are pledging 50% to the grantpool. In reality every ANO can decide what their efficiency will be once onboarded. There might be some social aspects to that as well, but you would be in a good position, since you made it clear from day one.

As such I believe it to be a fair question on whether to rate this at 25% percent. Otherwise everybody will put in submissions in this form in the future. Any thoughts on that?
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