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Factom Bridge
Hi [USER=17]@factom_matt[/USER]

I find myself reading and re-reading your application and supporting documents, and I'm having a really hard time conceiving of what you're specifically trying to accomplish from a "furthering the protocol" standpoint.

For those of us that are less technically inclined, such as myself, could you please elaborate on what you mean by building out Mesh integrations? I understand in a general way that you intend to build out a sort of bridge that connects the Factom protocol to a variety of use cases and that the networks interacting with the blockchain do not have to leave their mesh environment.... which sounds great, but I don't necessarily understand, with specificity, what kind of examples you're conjuring up as the ultimate effect (that furthers the protocol) of the development work you intend to perform.

tl;dr - Can you please ELI5 on exactly what sort of development you plan to do, ideally providing an example or two of something you can envision your development work producing?
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