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Factom Bridge
[QUOTE="quintilian, post: 3707, member: 24"]Hi and thanks for applying!

You wrote above: our purpose for applying to be an ANO is primarily to fund expenses we will run into while developing open source tools for Factom Blockchain access.

Would you be able and interested to also fund this kind of development via a grant at a later stage?

What is the minimum FCT price point you would be able to:
Operate the nodes in the way you described above?

What is the minimum FCT price point you would be able to:
Operate the nodes in the way you described above, and also proceed with the development of your main project?[/QUOTE]

Hello Quintilian,
Quint1 -
This is probably the most problematic for me personally. At the point that I would be applying for Grant funds, I would be working in competition with Factom, Inc. That is my opinion without asking for Factom's (my employer's) opinion. If I am being paid for working on grant work, I should be doing it for them. Second, a grant is an effectively an employment contract. Maybe not directly, but effectively. I don't need the conflict on my time. So, I personally will not be proposing grant work while I work at Factom, Inc. IF Ethan or Harlan came up with something they thought was a good Grant Proposal, I would not stop them from proposing it. This would be after clearing it with Factom Inc, and I would not be doing more than advising. This would also have to be overly transparent. With the current sponsor program that you guys have going (good idea, by the way) a grant could be possible. But as of now, we have no plans on grant work. Short answer, able: sure / interested: no .

Quint2 -
Data center pricing has us breaking even at about $1.60 per Factoid. Assuming there was no other revenue source available to any of us, that would be the price we would need. At $1.60, we would most likely be 'selling' them to ourselves and paying those expenses out of pocket instead of putting them on the market.

Quint3 -
Working on our main project is generally programming time. Bringing up additional servers are one time costs. If we are running at break even or worse, new purchases will probably be put on hold. This would be after the original onboarding outlays. If we already have staging hardware this still would cause a hold up for development, just deployment. Generally, what we are proposing is not an additional hardware deployment, so this should not be an issue.
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