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Multicoin Capital Management, LLC
[QUOTE="briandeery, post: 3738, member: 27"]Congratulations on your swanky new offices. It seems like you guys are getting ready to grow into the big new space.

Factom is a heavily community oriented project. In most aspects of the protocol (certainly at this point of development) the community aspect is far more important than the technical aspect. You are diving deep into the technical aspects which I appreciate, even though the novelty of it makes me anxious, due to the system being fragile enough as it stands.

What really concerns me though is that you are just now joining discord. This indicates that your team has not yet made the realization how very much more heavily the social aspect of Factom is. This does tie into the tech too. For example, critical alerts for responding to network issues are handled through discord.

With your potential growth upcoming, how much manpower do you plan on dedicating to community engagement (or more likely just monitoring)?[/QUOTE]
We understand that Factom is a community project and has a strong social aspect to it. And we also recognize the importance of having ANOs have a single arena where they can communicate directly, especially in the protocol’s early days. We only recently joined Discord, but we absolutely recognize the importance of putting internal structures in place to allow us to participate in and monitor this critical forum.

From a technical standpoint, reliability is our priority. Anything we do will be heavily tested and coordinated with the testnet to ensure it works smoothly before launch. And if the community is nervous about the approach, we will simply run standard nodes like others. But we do think adding guard nodes will improve reliability and security - important factors for enterprise adoption.

We also recognize that there is value in bridging beyond the existing Factom community. We believe that Factom can mature and grow as a protocol by creating a broad community with many venues for discussion and debate (as many other crypto projects have done— with discussions taking place on Twitter, Telegram, individual forums, reddit, and much more). This limits natural vectors of centralization. We recognize how important it is for us to be involved in the Discord channel in order to securely and reliably operate a node, but we believe we can also bring value through an expansion of what constitutes the core Factom community. A key part of our value proposition is that we engage with many other crypto networks and can bring those learnings to Factom. More on this in the answer to the next question below.
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