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Multicoin Capital Management, LLC
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Open question, since I really don't know the answer myself and being totaly open here with you guys, since I have been wondering this. I think you can do wonders for this project, given your standing in the crypto world. On the other hand some things make me hesitate a little. The post of Brian above mine sums one of the major ones quite nicely.

The wondering part is this: With your day to day operations and the fact that you position yourself rightly so as bringing insights and research to the crypto world. Why would you need to be an ANO and what is in it for you?[/QUOTE]
Thanks for the question, and we can certainly appreciate your concern.

Part of our motivation for being an ANO is the learning experience— Factom is a new system that is conducting experiments in record keeping and governance that have never been tried before. We think there’s a lot to learn from this process, and we also think that our past experience in crypto investing provides a lot of context to approach these issues prudently.

As Factom holders and believers, we think that ANOs offer a new kind of way for “activist” investing in the decentralized network space. If we can actively contribute to the security and evolution of a network, it makes a lot of sense for us to do so. The good part is that the design of the system naturally limits the influence and power that any single actor can have. The role for crypto investors is evolving to include much more than just buying and holding or trading. As part of that evolution, we are building the operational expertise in house to engage with dozens of crypto networks including Ethereum, Maker, SKALE, Graph, Livepeer, Factom, Nucypher, Compound, and more.
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