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Hi Matt! In general terms, we see two main opportunities in this space.

The first has to do with log verification. VFX production for any major feature film passes through the hands of hundreds of vendors throughout the world. Currently, movie studios require vendors to follow specific IT security procedures and store their log files for a number of months. In the event of a security breach, they examine these logs to identify the source of the leak. The problem is, this process depends on trust. There is nothing stopping a non-compliant vendor from altering their log files after the fact to cover their tracks. By hashing vendor logs into the Factom blockchain at regular intervals, our solution will allow studios to bridge this gap, establishing a trustless verification system.

From a business standpoint, this will provide significant value to our customers. Content leaks create large liability in dollar terms -- just think of the cost to HBO if the new season of Game of Thrones leaked early. This dynamic sets up attractive market conditions for adoption, as it creates a more secure environment [B]and[/B] saves money.

The second area has to do with supply chain management. Since the entire VFX pipeline is digital, we can create a number of different solutions which solve the "last mile" problem present in many blockchain concepts - ie bridging physical to digital. Through a system of hashing vendor-specific metadata into the blockchain, we will be able to track assets (video, CGI, etc) through the VFX industry's global supply chain in real-time. The implications of this technology are vast, from monitoring compliance to enabling new distributed production models.

Given our experience in this industry, we believe that we can sell these solutions through to studios relatively quickly and build it into an industry standard by working with the MPAA. I'm not sure how much deeper into the details I can go in a public forum, but if you have further questions on specific areas, let me know and I'll be happy to try and fill in some color.
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