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[QUOTE="Niels, post: 529, member: 8"]Using your economic model and with the proposed levels of deferment to the grant pool, there could be some concerns:

What are the guarantees you aren't going to accumulate a lot of FCT and dump that on the market once price has taken of?[/QUOTE]

We are advocating an approach which involves vesting tokens and promoting utility through FCT burning, all of which [B]prevent[/B] dumping. After our vesting schedule lapses, we (and all other entities) will sell FCT at prices which they deem to be advantageous. This isn't a bug, it's a normal part of price discovery. The most pressing question is how we deal with this liquidity situation in the short-term. We have proposed solutions for this, but it's ultimately up to the community what standards are adopted. In the long-term, through intiatives promoted by the authority set, we think liquidity will expand to a point where the node-based inflation is not a significant concern.
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