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Block Party
[QUOTE="DChapman, post: 629, member: 2"]Thank you for your application.

I think your use case is fantastic and that you have the team to pull it off. My question:

[B]A.[/B] Let's say you get an Authority Node. How it performs will be easy to monitor. However, as part of your campaign you also discuss additional development work which is important since your single node Efficiency is set at 25%. The Standing Parties will likely want to see what progress you're making since it was part of your campaign. My questions are:

1. How would you communicate with the Standing Parties. Examples would be blog, twitter, Discord, Reddit, etc.
2. What would you communicate and how often?
3. What metrics should be used to gauge your success?[/QUOTE]

This is a great question. Creating a system that holds entities accountable for their progress will be essential to the success of the protocol. As we’ll be a private company, it won’t necessarily be to our advantage to disclose everything all the time, but we’re more than happy to be as open as possible at regular intervals - possibly through progress updates in the form of a blog or Discord Town Hall. We’d likely have a Twitter account for the company, though we doubt that would be the main source of information (at least in the early stages). In a broader sense, it feels like the best way to handle this might be for the protocol to have a committee set up for this purpose, which checks in quarterly with the node operators to get a sense of their progress and confirm that they’re actively working towards their stated goals.
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