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Update on initial pledges
[I][Update on initial pledges as of October 8th from this previous thread: [URL][/URL]][/I]


--Develop enterprise grade JavaScript library

[I]As of today [URL='']factom.js[/URL] is in version 0.3.6 and already cover all the functionalities expected to interact with Factom blockchain and wallet. You can see from the commit history that we have been continuously working on it since that pledge, improving, fixing bug and taking feedbacks into account. I would say they are a dozen of projects, private or public, that are currently using it. The library has a good amount of test coverage, the only missing thing to get the "enterprise grade" title I believe is a better documentation that the current README. We also have a bunch of improvement ideas to make it even more awesome but those are non critical and not covered by this pledge.[/I]


--Create educational content, made available on a website/blog or Youtube
----Transactions in details (structures, two-token system, RCD…)
----Chains and entries in detail
----The fundamental Blocks in detail (Directory, Admin, Factoid, Entry Credit, Entry blocks)
----Application design on Factom (good practices, design of reference, hash and signatures…)

[I]As of today there is no technical educational content produced by us and so this pledge is not met yet. @Luapjust joined the recently revived "Documentation Committee" which will have the goal to produce content for developers. This is our opportunity do fulfill that pledge. We have a bunch of notes prepared to write articles. [/I]


--One Testnet node
[I]We actually have 2 permanent testnet nodes, once of which is in the authority set. [URL][/URL][/I]

--Continue the work on the monitoring working group
[I]Monitoring working group is pretty much dead (as all testnet working group). But to "compensate" [USER=10]@Luap[/USER] joined the much more important "Core and code deploy" committee and is an active contributor of it.[/I]

--Developing an advanced load generator for the Testnet

[I]As of now there are 3 different tools to generate load on the testnet: Factom Inc QA tool, Matt Wellington tool and Adam Levy tool. Adding one more would make no sense. There has been few discussions on how to harmonize this situation but it seems this issue is low priority and fell off the radar. If we agree on building a common load generator tool we'd be happy to contribute.[/I]


--Publish monthly updates of activities on a blog hosted on

[I]The monthly updates are available at [URL][/URL][/I]


[I]You can see that the efficiencies of both nodes as always been 50% and never been modified:[URL][/URL]
You can also notice that not a single FCT has been moved from the coinbase addresses.[/I]


[I]I'd also like to point out that we have been doing work for the protocol outside of those pledges. One notable is the [URL='']factom-identity-cli[/URL] (and the underlying [/I][URL=''][I]lib[/I][/URL][I]) that allows ANOs to set their efficiency and coinbase address and also emit coinbase cancel messages. Working on this off loaded some work from Factom Inc. We also attempted so PR to factomd repository. We are also developing the on-chain voting protocol and implementation (even if it's remunerated by a grant I hope it demonstrate our involvement to the protocol).[/I]
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