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Pledges Updated
Here is the roundup of our original pledges.


We approached one potential partner which showed great interest in adding factom support in its application. We are currently working on a formal agreement with him.


We plan to start integrating factom support in our partner platform as soon as a formal agreement is made. We are in the closing stage.


We have two testnet nodes running, one in the authority set and one follower for brainswaps and maintenance.


Part of our initial investment allowed us to buy hardware and pay for the operating fees up to now. We have not hired anyone beyond the 3 founders at this time because it would not be sustainable to do so. We haven't sold 1 Factoid yet (1 month worth)

[B]Pledged efficiency:[/B]

We are running two nodes on the mainnet at 50% efficiency.

Feel free to ask any questions, we'll be glad to answer them as best we can.
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