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Veteran Blockchain investment Firm - Initial Pledges

--Deploy Factom GovCloud Network

--Utilize WVU’s biometric and forensic experience to incorporate Factom protocol into the development of technology and processes

--Platform to demonstrate and launch Factom protocol healthcare solutions on a small-scale to prepare for global distribution

--Demonstrate and launch government solutions running on Factom Protocol

--Evaluate Factom on Factom technology to provide the Factom
protocol for use on US Government-specific networks

--Deploy two reserved Factom hosts on the AWS GovCloud (east and west) networks


--Establish a Factom protocol sponsored endowment fund

---Engage with WVU media/marketing arm in partnership with the Factom protocol to highlight the value Factom provides to the marketplace

• Short term:

---Blockchain technology lessons added to computer science 100 level curriculum

---Programming courses tailored to interacting with blockchain technology

• Mid term:

---Certificate program in blockchain technology

---Factom-certified developers graduating from program

• Long term:

---Bachelors programs in blockchain technology specialization

---Master’s program in blockchain technology

-- Global media release highlighting the largest university endowment funded

--Engage with WVU media/marketing arm in partnership with the Factom Protocol


--Two testnet nodes

--Committed to the development of the protocol by pledging to continue to operate authority nodes on the Factom Testnet


--Reevaluate efficiency annually over a three year period
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