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DBGrow Q4 2018 Report
Quarter 4 has been an exciting period for DBGrow, and we are proud of the progress we have made within the Factom Protocol.

[B]The Factom Asset Token Protocol[/B]

In Q4, DBGrow released our creation and work on the tokenization and smart contract protocol for factom, called the Factom Asset Token (FAT) Protocol.

Factom Asset Token Github: [URL][/URL]

Factom Asset Token Specifications: [URL][/URL]

Factom Asset Token Discord: [URL][/URL]

DBGrow, along with Canonical Ledgers, Luciap, and Layertech applied for and received a grant to continue this work, and progress on that grant can be followed here:


Progress is going very well; we are ahead of schedule, and are adding new deliverables to complete during this grant round.

[B]Legal & Governance Work[/B]

This has been a very busy quarter for governance work for DBGrow.

Working off of the Legal & Governance Review Grant, the Legal Research Working Group released the
[*]Decentralization Review of the Factom ecosystem.
[*]Factom Protocol Non-profit research and suggestion
[*]Factom Protocol licensing research
[*]Trademark/IP exploration research

DBGrow has also, with the Legal Research Working Group, continued to write and review Factom governance documents.

[B]The Factom Protocol Website[/B]

In Q4, DBGrow built out the initial version of the Factom Protocol Website.


[B]Open source releases[/B]

DBGrow has continued it’s work on open source technologies for the factom protocol, and this quarter released a full version of the Factom ObjectDB ([URL][/URL]) with a full specification.


We have continued work in committee’s within the Factom Protocol,
[*]Marketing Committee
[*]ANO Pledge Committee
[*]Documentation Committee
[*]Exchange Committee
[*]Legal Working Group

In quarter 4 we grew to our full team, hiring Sebastian Fletcher-Taylor full time in the final weeks of December as our head of research.

[B]DBGrow’s Q1, 2019[/B]

In short, DBGrow’s Q1 2019 will be about continuing to scale our resources and work within the Factom Protocol.

We will continue to build out the [B]Factom Protocol’s governance[/B]. Our goals for Q1 2019 are
[*]A thoroughly updated Governance Document 001
[*]Continue to work through better processes for ANO, Guide, and Grant rounds
[*]If the community decides to move forward with it, help lead the creation of a non-profit for the Factom Protocol
We will continue to build out the[B] Factom Protocol Website[/B]. Our goals for Q1 2019 are
[*]Transition the documentation section to a more comprehensive portal for all things developer related. This includes sections for developing on the Factom protocol, core protocol code information, developing with the abundant open source infrastructures being created (FAT, Digital Identities, different language libraries, etc), ANO node information, testnet info, etc.
[*]Begin adding foreign language support in major community regions
[*]Integrate a Factom Protocol roadmap
[*]Integrate additional governance sections like a Bug Bounty system
[*]Prepare and begin work on an enhanced Ecosystem section, in accordance with what the community decides is the best structure. This will extend past just the factomize forums and into a more comprehensive portal for community and governance processes.
[*]Add additional Enterprise Solutions
[*]Continue to decentralize control of the website resources, including working through all legal blockers

We will continue to work within the [B]committees[/B], and we hope to put more focus on building out documentation within the ecosystem through the Documentation Committee.

And Lastly, we will continue to lead development of the [B]Factom Asset Token Protocol[/B].

We will look to hire more resources for building the factom ecosystem, infrastructures, and technologies, as well as products on top of the factom protocol. We are hiring Nic Robinette as a “Governance Builder”. We are also currently recruiting for full time developer positions. All DBGrow efforts continue to be, and are planned moving forward, for building on and with the Factom Protocol.

We have enjoyed deepening our relationships with people throughout this ecosystem over the past quarter, and we look forward to continuing to build our relationships and strengthening our collaborations with members of this ecosystem. We are very excited for the future of the Factom protocol, and the part that DBGrow will play in its future.

Thank you everyone in the Factom Community for an amazing 2018, and hears to what we can accomplish in 2019. Happy new years!
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