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Mike Buckingham

Founder and CEO



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About Cube3 Technologies Ltd

Cube3 is a Factom Protocol Authority Node Operator (ANO) that is part of the coalition of companies that provide infrastructure to decentralize the protocol.

Cube3 Technologies Ltd is an established technology company based in the UK. Team members are Mike and Pete.We have capability and experience in business and commerce and Computer Science. Our experience and skills span engineering, manufacturing and logistics across a wide range of sectors.

We work with a number of leading edge blockchains with focus on development, running testing environments, and operating main nodes on dedicated hardware. Hardware, designed, specified and built to meet specific requirements that span reliability, data storage and GPU/ CPU processor performance.

Such dedicated hardware is located in selected Tier 3+ datacentre partners in geo and politically stable locations.

State of the art Service, Infrastructure, Network monitoring feed web-based dashboards enabling continuous oversight. These trigger alerts to a 24/7 system-administration team to ensure prompt problem resolution, thorough root cause analysis and class-leading uptime.

Because distributed ledger technology is not just about the technology Cube3 are actively involved in often challenging decentralised Governance to enable effective leadership and decision making capable of steering blockchains through difficult and ever-changing environments.