DBGrow Inc

DBGrow Inc Team Members

Julian Fletcher-Taylor


Devon Katz


Spencer B

Chief Product Officer

Sebastian Fletcher-Taylor

Chief Science Officer

Nic Robinette

Blockchain Governance Architect

Greg Wolff

Web Developer

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About DBGrow Inc

DBGrow is a San Francisco Bay Area business, founded to build secure, automated, and intelligent scientific and data management tools that allow entities to take control of their data with a minimal barrier to entry. They utilize their team’s experience in enterprise cloud software, big-data analytics, and scientific research to build out powerful infrastructure on the Factom protocol. The DBGrow team is very excited to be a part of the Factom Authority Set.

DBGrow is the architect of the Factom Asset Token Protocol.

DBGrow is the creator and administrator of the Factom Protocol website.

Factom Asset Token Github

DBGrow Github