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Jimmy Perron


Patrice Lacroix


Miguel Proulx


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About Stamp-IT

Stamp-It is a Factom Protocol Authority Node Operator (ANO) that is part of the coalition of companies that provide infrastructure to decentralize the protocol. Stamp-IT is a newly created Canadian company with the goal to build business solutions using the Factom® protocol. The founders Patrice Lacroix, Miguel Proulx and Jimmy Perron are going to leverage and integrate this technology to projects needing data integrity namely life after death and smart cities projects. The team has a lot of experience in IT, R&D and business management. Furthermore, they are going to put resources forward to help strengthen the protocol. To help their clients integrating Factom in their applications, they will develop and operate a cloud service callable using developer-friendly API, which will be publicly accessible. This will facilitate integration of Factom in many applications. They are highly motivated tech and really enthusiasts about Factom and the possibilities it opens.