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The Factoid Authority Team Members

Benjamin Dufty

Steven Masley

Stuart Johnson

Dennis Bunfield

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About The Factoid Authority

Who is The Factoid Authority?

Development / Technical

1. Steven Masley - contractor to Factom Inc since 2016 and has made large contributions to Factom core
2. Stuart Johnson - owner of Logic Ethos which develops software & maintains servers for UK’s vehicle recovery
3. Dennis Bunfield - works with real-time hardware-in-the-loop simulation and an experienced project manager

Financial / Business Development

4. Ben - an ex commercial/business analyst for New Zealand’s largest supermarket by market share

The Factoid Authority has been primarily focused on software development in support of the ecosystem. Here is a list of our main contributions so far:

Developed - an advanced Factom block-explorer and ANO dashboard

Implemented Ledger Nano S support for Factom - users can now access their FCT securely

Co-host MyFactomWallet along with Bedrock - a convenient web-wallet for FCT, including UI for Factom on-chain voting

Developed TFA-Bot - an advanced server monitoring bot for ANOs

Developed C#/.NET Factom library - a useful tool for businesses to integrate Factom

Developed the Factom test-net faucet - useful for testing

We are now shifting our focus and looking into IoT hardware; we believe Factom's fixed and affordable entries will give it a huge advantage in this space. Stay tuned!