Factom Protocol Authority Node Operators

Learn about the Factom Authority Node Operators (ANOs), the companies that provide the infrastructure that decentralizes the Factom Protocol

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Authority Node Operators (ANOs) are a loose coalition of companies who provide the infrastructure that decentralizes the Factom Protocol. There will eventually be 65+ such companies. Learn how to apply to be an ANO.
Blockchain Innovation Foundation
A non-profit foundation that promotes blockchain innovation and hosts blockchain infrastructures.
The BlockVenture Coalition is a research driven alliance of universities and funds.
Consensus Networks
Consensus Networks designs, builds, and supports infrastructure for blockchain technology.
A high efficiency infrastructure ANO, deferring 70% income to the Factom grant Pool.
A high efficiency infrastructure ANO operating dedicated hardware & actively involved in Governance
Developers of the FAT Protocol. A tokenization and smart contract platform on top of Factom.
De Facto
Blockchain development company
Factom Inc
An enterprise Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) software company.
Developers of 2nd layer protocols applications on the Factom blockchain, specializing in applied cryptography.
Providing the infrastructure needed to decentralise the Factom Protocol.
Federate This
Creator of Off-Blocks; Digital Signatures on Blockchain - that runs on the Factom Protocol.
Go Immutable
Sales, Legal, and Marketing work for the Factom Protocol.
Law tech / Development of Validity, a data security solution / France-based
A staking service provider focusing on public chains built upon the likes of PoS and DPoS.
Kompendium is an ANO advancing the Protocol by developing applications, developer tools, and data services.
Developing applications and protocols on top of Factom. Core developer. Technical advisor and educator.
Blockchain Security Specialists and Evangelizers of the Factom Protocol.
Infrastructure Authority Node Operator operating at 60% efficiency.
Developing a host of solutions in IoT, Smart Cities, Fintech leveraging the Factom® Protocol
The Factoid Authority
The Factoid Authority is a development ANO, contributing to the Factom ecosystem by building critical infrastructure and pushing the technology to realize its full potential. Our mission: "To hash everything, bit by bit"
Delivering blockchain solutions and consulting services to business and government.