Legal Research Working Group

About the Legal Research Working Group

The Legal Research Working Group (the “Group”) provides members of the community around the Factom ecosystem with an opportunity to identify and research issues in the young, complex and ever-evolving legal and regulatory fields related to distributed ledger technology in general and Factom’s protocol and governance, in particular. Membership in the Group is open to the public and not restricted to Standing Parties or Factom stake holders.
Any communication from the Group in any form is intended for informational and discussion purposes only, and not as legal, investment, tax, or any other advice or opinion. The Group disclaims all liability related to actions taken or not taken by any person or entity based on communications from the Group. Standing Parties, Factom stake holders and all other persons or entities are encouraged to seek legal or professional advice on specific issues.

Legal Research Working Group Members

Julian Fletcher-Taylor


Matt Osborne


Nikola Nikolov